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QI Philosophy
We follow the Jim Collins "good-to-great" method of business. As he states, a great business starts with the right people. The right people employ the right tools and the fly wheel effect is put in place. Push the fly wheel in the right direction with as much force as possible, and the fly wheel will eventually spin by itself solely due to the momentum built up . . . however, if you push the flywheel in the wrong direction, the fly wheel will spin and create a net negative effect and become unstoppable. We push the marketing flywheel with great force, in the right direction, producing positive results, and along the way we are able to adapt to our environment, competitors, and clients, producing immense ROI for everyone.

We are a NO-nonsense Agency
We have the ability to figure out what you need, how to reduce the cost, and increase the ROI (return on investment). Everything we do becomes a streamlined process, allowing us to provide serious marketing tools at affordable rates. If you are looking for an company to deliver quality oganic optimization, website development, newsletter execution, social media, or any other related web marketing tool, QI is your answer. We specialize in achieving top placement on Google's Search Engine.

Qi is a CONSISTENT Performer
With over 400 clients profiting from our services, rest assured that our white-hat SEO techniques are PROVEN, transparent and simply work. Read our client reviews or verified testimonials and learn more about the search engine positioning results we have provided our clients that are in extremely competitive industries.

Pound for Pound, Most Competitive Pricing
90% of our prospects (many which are now active clients) ask the question -- "Why is your pricing so low compared to all of the other search engine optimization companies". There are a variety of reasons. One being that we're great at what we do, we have an amazing process, and we have a proprietary edge. We're also smaller than most of the reputable, well-known SEO agencies, therefore, we have less computers, less lights, less employees and generally, less resources than other companies.

Turning the Industry GUARANTEES Upside Down
Many reputable competing agencies offer a first page guarantee. If you're looking for a company that offers first page guarantees, you'll have to look elsewhere. The bottom line "fact" is that we do NOT control the search engines or the results displayed to searchers, nor does any company or individual. What we can control is the techniques applied to your website in an effort to get you placed as high as humanly possible, and nothing more. We hope you will stop and consider these facts in making your decision on which seo company is best for you, one that makes guarantees that cannot be delivered OR one that is honest and has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD.

Contact us today and lets put together an internet marketing program for you that will exceed your expectations.